When speaking about us, I’d like to express my deep gratitude to our partners and all Al Azmi Medical Groups’ employees, thanks to whose professional skills and hard work we’ve managed to achieve noticeable and stable success in Kuwait Medical market with a few short years. The choice of leader’s strategy in the market different segments of medical field has enabled the company to achieve considerable results. Regarding distribution Company (Dr.Hamoud Al Azmi Gen Trad Co. ) It is an aggressive and fast growing marketing organization, and presents a multinational environment with all the resources essential to gain immediate access to Gulf & Middle East lucrative market. Riding on the great success of the last five years, the company plans to achieve significant expansion vertically and horizontally in the business. This is going to be accomplished by seeking representation of additional manufactures of strong pharmaceutical lines and medical equipments. We are always committed with honesty, dedication and innovation.

Dr.Hamoud Al Azmi

Chairman & CEO